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We are a home appliance repair firm servicing Brownsville, Texas and its surrounding areas. 

Modern technology has made everything simple and easy for human beings. A dishwasher is one of those ingenious ideas. It saves you the energy and time of having to wash all your dishes yourself. That is why when problems arise; you may want to have it fixed as soon as possible. We are able to repair your dishwasher for you and return things into normalcy within the shortest time possible.  When you hire us, you put your repair projects in the safest and trusted hands. 

Our service area covers Brownsville, TX, the Cameron County and the adjacent areas in the Rio Grande Valley. This includes cities and towns such as HarlingenLa FeriaLos FresnosPalm ValleyPort IsabelRio Hondo and San Benito

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Common signs your dishwasher may need repair

  • It makes a noisy sound.
  • Your dishes aren’t clean after washing
  • Your dishwasher is not draining all its water
  • It is not running
  • Water is leaking from the dishwasher
  • The machine is not filling up or keeps filling up excessively
  • Your dishwasher is not filling up with hot water.

Why hire us:

  1. Our technicians are well versed in dishwasher repair. With years of experience behind us, you can be assured of quality work
  2. We have an open 24-hour helpline and are always available in case of emergencies
  3. We inspect your premises for electrical and plumbing faults
  4. We offer warranty work for many brands
  5. We offer quality and affordable services
  6. We install protective devices, for example, surge receptacles
  7. We are committed to customer satisfaction

Some of the things we can do for your dishwasher

  • We repair and replace faulty spray arms and faulty float switches
  • We repair and replace faulty motors which is what makes the humming sound
  • We repair and replace defective inlet valves
  • We replace and repair malfunctioning timers which may cause you dishwasher to fill up excessively or not fill up enough
  • We diagnose and replace faulty drain sensors and also replace inlet and drain pumps
  • We replace faulty door gaskets and seals that may cause water to leak from the dishwasher
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