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Oven or Microwave Trouble?
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We are a home appliance repair company that offers appliance repair services including microwave and oven repair. Our team is fully equipped when it comes to dealing with matters of any appliance. We offer our services in Brownsville, Texas and its neighboring towns. Your microwave and oven are vital appliances in your kitchen and it can be a real inconvenience when you begin experiencing problems with them. When this occurs, you can count on us for all your repair needs.

We’ll service your home appliances in Brownsville, TX, in the Cameron County and even other areas of the Rio Grande Valley. Our service area includes HarlingenLa FeriaLos FresnosPalm ValleyPort IsabelRio Hondo and San Benito

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We fix ovens in Cameron County

Your oven or microwave may need repair if

  • The appliance is not heating up or not heating enough
  • Your microwave plate is not spinning
  • Your oven burner element is malfunctioning
  • There is sparking inside the microwave
  • Your microwave or oven starts then stops

Why hire us:

  1. We have a team of highly qualified and trained professionals
  2. We are dedicated to providing quality services
  3. We offer regular preventive maintenance services
  4. We offer to inspect the plumbing and electrical systems
  5. We offer emergency repair services
  6. We have most replacement parts in our warehouse and therefore we can easily replace any defective parts when we the problem is diagnosed
  7. We install protective surge receptacles.
Repair your microwave in Rio Grande Valley

What we can do

  1. Replacement of faulty magnetron which is the microwave heating component
  2. We repair and replace defective diodes, door switches, capacitors and transformers
  3. We diagnose and repair faulty touch pads and control panels
  4. Troubleshooting and repairing faulty control boards
  5. We replace faulty fan motor
  6. We replace any knobs that may be malfunctioning or missing from your oven
  7. We diagnose and correct any bad wiring and replace blown bulbs and faulty bulb sockets.
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