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Our home appliance repair services are the best when it comes to refrigerator and freezer repair services in Brownsville, Texas and its neighboring towns. We have been able to build a solid reputation when it comes to offering quality services to our clients. Your refrigerator and freezer are important appliances in your home as they help you store perishable goods and therefore increase their shelf life. Whenever you have problems with either machine, you can always contact us so that we can promptly repair them.

We fix home appliances in and around Brownsville, TX, the Cameron County and the adjacent areas in the Rio Grande Valley. Some other areas we work in include HarlingenLa FeriaLos FresnosPalm ValleyPort IsabelRio Hondo and San Benito

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We can fix your fridge in Brownsville Texas

How to know if your refrigerator or freezer needs repair:

  • The freezer or the refrigerator is not cooling enough
  • The machine is making unusual noises
  • There is frost building up in the freezer
  • There is water leaking from either machine
  • The machine is not running when switched on.

Why hire us:

  1. Our technicians are highly trained and can, therefore, offer quality services
  2. We offer to do warranty work for most major brands
  3. We are available 24/7 on our helpline
  4. We offer to inspect electrical systems on your premises to make sure your appliances are safe
  5. We install surge protection appliances
  6. We can be called in times of emergencies
  7. We offer to do regular protection maintenance work to spot and mitigate problems early
  8. We have replacement parts for defective evaporation pans, condensation fans, defrost timers and thermostats and can easily repair and replace them
  9. We offer to rectify issues with the control board which can prevent your machine from reading your input correctly
  10. We are very affordable and always give you fair prices

Information that will help us serve you better:

  1. Machine brand
  2. Approximate age of the machine
  3. The model number of the machine
  4. The main problem with your machine
  5. Your availability for troubleshooting and for repair services
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